Tyless shoelaces will    
make your shoes better!   
Tyless improves the
performance of sport
shoes, the comfort
of casual shoes, and the
ease of use for all shoes.

What are Tyless's TM Major Features and Benefits
You'll Never Tie Your Shoes Again
Runners, Athletes:  Tyless laces provide runners with several benefits over regular laces.  Tyless laces
never come
undone so you will never loose valuable race time re-tying your shoes.  Tyless laces expand as your feet
swell in longer events, providing the same comfort level at mile 10 or 20, that you felt at the starting line.
Tyless laces allow you to remove and re-fit your shoes in less than ten seconds, should a rock or twig fall
inside your shoe.

Children:  Tyless shoelaces never come undone!  No more loosing shoes, dragging and tripping on
dangling laces, cries of "Mommy, tie my shoes"!

Bad Weather:  Tyless equipped shoes can be taken off at the door in seconds when its wet or muddy
outside, leaving your floors free of the mess.  When you're ready to go out again, slip your shoes on in

Medical Limitations::  If you or anyone you know has trouble tying your shoelaces, Tyless laces can
help.Tyless laces turn any pair of shoes into slip-ons.  You no longer have to buy the limited selection of
shoes with no laces, nor pay a premium for this feature.  Nor do you have to give up the security of a firmly
laced shoe.  Buy the shoes you like best, on sale, and Tyless will make them easy to put on and more

Casual Wear:  Tyless laces will make your everyday shoes more comfortable, easier to put on and take
off, as well as safer.

Airline Travel:  Tyless is ideal for air travel, shoes slip on and off at airport, no delays!
Tyless works great for most
sporting activities

You can lace Tyless in a variety of
ways.  This top down method works
well to give a firmer grip with shallow

"That was easy!"                          Tyless in "Stealth Mode"
Emily with her new Tyless
Pretty in Pink
Support Your Team and
your feet!

Tyless Philosophy of Design

Flexible shoelaces have been offered to the market for some time.  What we endeavor to  do
here is provide a simple elegant solution to the problem of setting the tension of and
locking these laces in place.  We are sure you will agree we have succeeded once you try our
lacing system.

  •  The Set and Forget Shoelace             Shoes stay at the same tension every time, no adjustments necessary

  •  Simple locking mechanism                   Easy setup with options for button locations, gives different feels & looks

  •   3 mm Flexible lace cord                     Heavy duty lace material means shoes fit comfortably AND securely

  •   Stretch Material                                   Shoes slip on and off easily, move with feet and expand with heavy use

  •   UV Resistant materials                        Laces designed for outdoor use

  •  Easy to adjust locking                          Firm or ease tension in seconds, make adjustments on the fly

  •   No knots or complicated fasteners      Laces never come undone, no tripping or stopping to re-tie laces
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So, How Does Tyless Work?

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