TylessTM                Attn: Retailers

We'll Help You Sell
At               Your Location With
Posters,                Displays, Artwork

                                                                 Sales Tools

Many consumers are not familiar with Tyless's new type of shoelace.  It is important for your success that we let them know what we have to
offer, Tyless's unique features and the benefits that result from this design.   Toward that end Tyless will supply you with an 18" X 24" full color
poster which quickly outlines these features and benefits with pictures and bullet points.  We also have this same artwork in an 8.5" X 11" format
to be mounted directly to display racks.  Our package measures 8.75" X 2.875", approximately one ounce, with a single hole for pegboard or
rack mounting.  

The Tyless TM     

Key to sales success of Tyless
laces is educating the customer by
answering the question "Why Buy
Tyless?".  The Tyless message is
easy to understand in short concise
bullet points.  Photos display the
clean appearance, simplicity of
design and options for installation.

Get a Tyless TM   
Poster With Your
First Order

Tyless will supply you with this full color
18" X 24" poster free of charge with your
first order (frame not included).   This
artwork is also available in 8 1/2" X 11"
for display on the peg rack.

For a co-ordinated sales effort it is best
to mount this poster near your Tyless
display, and lace up a couple of pairs of
shoes with the exposed button and
stealth mode set ups.

It takes about 15 to 30 seconds to
demonstrate the superior features of
Tyless elastic cord locking laces.

Tyless TM  On Display

Tyless TM Rotating Rack

Tyless will supply a rotating rack at cost (approximately $22)
with your first order of a gross or more pairs of laces.   The
rack will hold up to 168 pairs of laces on twelve pegs.  Shown
with 8 1/2" X 11" poster artwork.

With your first re-order, Tyless will credit you for the cost of
the rack.
 At that point, the rack is yours at no

We will be happy to help you in your first order with
suggested quantities for the various sizes and colors.   For
most retail outlets, basic black and white make stocking
easy and cover the majority of purchasers.


For a wholesale quotation please email us at info@tyless.com
Packages will be identified with a size on the front and a unique UPC
barcode for black and white versions, generic Tyless barcode for
specialty color combinations.  Individual barcode I.D.'s will be created
for color combinations as required to meet customer requirements.