Tyless TM Makes Everyday Shoes
Available and Easily Usable for
Those Who Have Trouble with
Regular Shoe Laces

                  With Tyless Laces, You'll Never Tie Your Shoes Again

Tyless Laces offer those with some physical impairment the option of buying regular sport shoes and replacing the cloth laces with Tyless's
elastic cord and locking buttons laces.   These shoelaces allow the lace up sport shoe to be slipped on and off, while retaining the secure
feeling that shoelaces provide.

Left:  Tyless laces installed with buttons out
.         side, a neat and clean appearance!

Tyless laces come in a variety of     
sizes and colors.  Match your shoes
or go with basic black or white.
                         Medical Applications

Temporary Conditions:  Broken bones, physical rehabilitation, hand injuries, back problems, carpal tunnel flare ups, etc....
           No need to buy special shoes, just install these laces into your existing sport shoes.

Disabilities:   Arthritis, paralyzation, limited mobility, disabilities of all nature, special education requiements, neural disabilities, etc...
No need to buy special shoes or restrict yourself to loafers, wear the shoes that fit for your lifestyle; with
Tyless they will
be user friendly without limiting your activities.
Tyless, it's easy!  Tyless laces, with elastic cord and locking buttons, are easy to set up, adjust in seconds, and remain at exactly the
same tension thereafter, they'll be just as comfortable a week or five years later (yes, that's been tested).  In addition, Tyess
will make your shoes more comfortable because they flex with your shoe whether walking or running.  Please take a moment
to visit the "Home" link above for more detail.  
For more information about ordering Tyless, please click on the "Order" link at the top of the page.  If you are an
organisation and will to purchase a quantity of Tyless please click on the "Contact" link for an email address where
you can get more information and a quotation with club or organisation discounts.  For installation instructions just
click on the "Directions" link.

Here are three pairs of shoes showing some of the different ways Tyless can be set up