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Tyless is offering 3mm elastic cord for a variety of uses.  Strong and elastic, this cord stretches to over twice it's at rest length.  
Made from a 100% natural rubber core with a UV resistant polyester sheath, the cord stands up well to outdoor use.   At
present we are offering this elastic cord in four colors; white, red, maroon and gray.   We use actual shipping cost plus a small
add on for the cost of packaging.  
Elastic Cord Stretch Specifications

Percentage Elongation                               Force Required

20%                                                        1.28 lbs
50%                                                        2.11 lbs
70%                                                        2.65 lbs
100%                                                       3.60 lbs
140% (max Stretch)                               9.15 lbs

I've done a quick test of ultimate tensile strength; the cord will   
support in excess of 30 lbs., with breaking noted at just over
40 lbs.  Suggested operating range is suggested at or below
the maximum stretch for of 9.15 lbs.  
To order 3 mm elastic cord material click on this link:   Order Here   If you are interested in ordering elastic cord in
pre-cut lengths with plastic endcaps on them, we have material from 25" to 42".  Please contact for information and a
Prefer to Use Paypal?  No problem, see order buttons below to order directly thru your Paypal Account!
Pricing For Elastic Cord By Length

Length, Feet    Price     Shipping      Total Price

20'              $5.50       $2.00              $7.50
50'            $10.00       $2.60             $12.60
100'          $16.00       $4.25             $20.25
300'          $33.00       $7.50             $40.50
600'          $48.00     $11.00             $59.00
Mix and Match
You can mix colors and lengths to get to the total
length ordered!  The minimum length for any one
color is 10 feet.

Want Something Different?
If you're looking for something else in the way of
elastic cord, please let us know.  We are always
looking to expand the product offering and need
you to tell us what those new products should be.

Use the contact form below to give us this input.
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Custom Lengths

If you need a custom length or a sizable quantity of material,
please use the contact form at right and we will be happy to
quote your requirement.   We will be happy to add a custom
color or size if you have an ongoing requirement.

Order 20 feet of elastic cord here...

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Remember when ordering thru Paypal to write in
the colors and lengths you want by clicking on the
"Colors With Length In Feet" underneath your
address on the 2nd page.  Click on the "
button and fill in that information.

If you don't see the "Colors With Length In Feet"
button, there will be a contact form in the thank
you page after you place this order.  You can use
this form to give us your desired colors and
Colors and Lengths
Colors and Lengths
Colors and Lengths
Colors and Lengths
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Looking for Elastic Cord in Pre-Cut Lengths with Plastic endcaps?
Click on the link here or more information.   
Pre-Cut Cord with Plastic Tips
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