Directions for Installation

Below is an Installation Guide and some Alternate Lacing Procedures

Tyless laces are easy to install and offer a variety of options for set up.  Follow the instructions here and use the pictures to clarify any of the steps.

1:  First, lace up the
Tyless cord lace as you would  a cloth lace making sure the cord is somewhat loose to begin with (Fig 1).

2:  Next, tighten the lace so that the shoe is comfortably secured and easy to slide on and off (Fig. 2).  NOTE: there is a tendency to set the laces
too        tight in the beginning, so it is best to set up the laces a little loose to start.

3:  Now stretch the cord at the last eyelet away from the shoe and pull it through the channel on the button until it locks into the hole (Fig. 3).  
Stretch        the remaining cord and pull it into the second channel until it locks into this hole as well (Fig. 4).

4:  Hold the button and stretch the lace away from the shoe.  You can now slide the button toward the last eyelet (Fig. 5).  Once you release tension
on the lace the button will lock in that position and remain there until you move it again.  NOTE:  it is easier to slide the button if you pull the lace
back toward the shoe.

5:  Adjusting the lace is easy.  To loosen, grasp the button and pull it away from the shoe.  To tighten, grasp the button in one hand and the free end
of the lace in the other hand, now pull the lace through the button (Fig.5).  Stretching the lace allows the button to be moved, releasing the
tension locks the lace in the button.

6:  The excess lace may be left loose (Fig. 6).  For a cleaner appearance the excess lace may be run back through the last eyelet and under the
laced eyelets (Fig. 7).  The excess lace may also be cut and a new endcap created with a few drops of Cyanoacrylate, commonly known as
superglue.  It is suggested you wear the shoes for a while before cutting laces, and leave a few extra inches of material for future adjustments.

7:  If you prefer not to show the buttons, run the cord through the last eyelet from outside to inside and install the button as before (Fig 8).  The
button can be tucked underneath the last eyelet and effectively hidden from view (Fig. 9).   You are now in
Tyless stealth mode.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 4
Fig. 3
Fig. 6
Fig. 8
Fig. 7
Runners may prefer lace down   
for extra heel support
Tied but still Tyless!
Buttons, bottom and top
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