Tyless Inventory or Business for Sale

Tyless is looking for a buyer who will take this product and promote in a way I was
incapable of doing.  I admit I have ignored/neglected this product and now wish to pass on
this opportunity to another operator.  Customers loved these laces which offer some
unique features over its competition.  

If you are interested in taking on this challenge, up to date marketing avenues are wide
open to your efforts.   I have not been involved in social media nor have I advertised the
product for several years now.  If you are familiar with these platforms you have the
opportunity to re-invent the laces with your own name and identity.

Please contact me at Brad@tyless.com for details.  I am selling the laces and lockers at
liquidation prices as I'd like to move them along.  I have 41,000 plus laces in four color and
four sizes (black, white, brown and gray; small, medium, large, and XL).  In addition the sale
will include 26,000 plus lockers in all four colors plus classic and convertible configuration.  
I will be happy to provide my supplier infomation as well.