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You can order Tyless  by Paypal,  Credit Card,  Email/Phone,
Fax, or Mail.  See the instructions below for each
method.  Use your paypal account or order by credit
card at paypal securely.  You can also use your credit
card to order via mail, email or fax.  See below for details

You'll Never Tie Your
Shoes Again

Tyless Convertibles laces come in four colors and four sizes.  

White - Brown - Black - Gray

 Choosing the Correct Size for Your Tyless Laces

Tyless laces come in small, medium, large and extra large.  Which size you will need depends on the size of your shoe, the number of
eyelets, and the width between opposing eyelets.   It is generally better for laces to be longer rather than too short.   It is always possible     
to hide the excess lace or cut after forming a new endcap.  If the lace should end up being a little too short, you can usually skip the first       
eyelet with no negative effect.  Below is a general sizing chart to use as a guide.  The size recommendations reflect the slightly longer lace
needed for the center locking set up.

Size          Length          Number of Eyelets Per Side                       Recommendations

S                 25"                          5 or fewer                       Most small children's shoes, size 3 or smaller

M                 32"                         6     (One size up            Most Men's & Women's Shoes Up to Size 8 (9 Women)
                                         for more eyelets)
L                  37"                         6                                      Men's sized shoes 8.5 to 10.5, wide shoes

XL                42"                         6                                      Men's size 11 and up, boots, 7eyelets
Mail Order Form

Below is a link for ordering Tyless laces by mail or email.   For Mail orders Fill out the form to provide order details to include
payment by check or
credit card information and mail to address below.  

Fill out the printable form

Mail form with credit card information or check to:      

Tyless  Order

3815 Kevington Avenue

Eugene, OR  974


    Ordering Tyless with your credit card

You can order Tyless laces through Paypal using your credit card on a secure server or via your Paypal account.  Click on one of the    
six links below, depending upon how many pairs of laces you wish to order.

Remember to enter the desired sizes as well as the  
colors of buttons and laces in the field after your ship to address, identified as "Message to Seller"

The buttons above will take you directly to a Paypal purchase page where you
can pay with credit card or paypal account.  You can enter your color & size
choices before you click on the button.

NOTE:  You will also have two opportunites to enter colors $ sizes after clicking
on the appropriate paypal button: during the Paypal order process and on the
contact form found on the thank you page after completing the Paypal ordering

The Paypal form uses pull down fields labelled "Enter Colors and Sizes" where
you can enter this information.
$5.95 for the First Pair, Discounts for Additional Pairs   

Tyless Convertibles Delivered Price U.S.A.        1 pair  =    $8.45     2 pairs = $13.40       3 pairs = $17.40
                                                                               4 pairs = $22.70     5 pairs = $27.65       6 pairs = $32.60

Tyless Convertibles Plus Delivered Price U.S.A.     1 Pair = $10.45   2 Pair = $17.75   3 Pair = $23.85
      (Two pairs of laces per Package                                4 Pair = $31.15   5 Pair = $38.30   6 Pair = $45.55         
When using Center Locking Set Up)                                                                                                          
    Mail Order Form

Convertibles                                  Quantity                        Convertibles Plus
(1 pair laces, 4 locking disks)                                                                                                                   (2 pairs of laces, 4 locking disks)  






Price, Delivered To USA
Price, Delivered To USA












Size & Color Per Package
Size & Color Per Package
Size & Color Per Package
Size & Color Per Package
Size & Color Per Package
Size & Color Per Package
Size & Color Per Package
Size & Color Per Package
Size & Color Per Package
Size & Color Per Package
Size & Color Per Package
Size & Color Per Package