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Tyless Convertibles
Now your feet can have it their way!
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Classic Tyless
The New Locking
The New Central
Locking Set Up

The Tyless Convertible lets you fit your lace like you fit your shoe;  
to the shape of your foot and the purpose at hand.
                                    Which Installation should I use?
* Classic installation for people who prefer a casual fit, have wider feet, and use their sports shoes primarily for straight line sports.  Also,
this installation will make slipping the shoe on easier.

* Central Locking Set Up for people who prefer a snug fit, have narrower feet, and use their sports shoes for activities that require strong
lateral movements.

Up to now, you've had the choice of
Tyless's locking system at each end of the lace, or everybody elses central locking mechanisms.   Now,
Tyless give you the choice of using either, or switching back and forth to both positions while getting the utter reliability of our locking
No Moving Parts, Simple Set Up, Easy Adjustments, and a locked lace that stays where you set it.
The Deal:       
Tyless Convertibles are priced at the same $5.95 as our Classics.  If you use the central locking set up you will have an extra pair of locking
buttons.  You could always buy a pair of laces for $2.45 plus shipping and have another pair of laces.  But when you buy
Convertibles Plus you'll get four locking buttons and two pairs of laces for just $7.95.  Using the central locking set up, that's two pairs
of laces for $7.95!   Purchase 3 or more Convertibles Plus and pay only $6.95 for those two pair per package.
What You Get:       
Tyless Convertibles  $5.95                           Tyless Convertibles Plus   $7.95
You can set these up using the classic
to locking buttons per shoe, or use the
central locking system and have a spare
pair of locking buttons.  Hint: there are
many uses for these with regular laces,
sweat pants draw strings, etc...
Set these up using the central locking system and
you have two pairs of laces.  if you use the classic to
locking buttons per shoe, you'll have an extra pair of
elastic cord laces.  Prefer the classic install?  No
problem you can order another set of lockers at any
*  Casual Wear
*  Easy on and off
*  Wide Feet
*  Straight line sports
*  Snug Fit
*  Narrow Feet
*  Sharp Lateral Movements
*  Non-Staight Line Sports
Set Up
Set Up
Convertibles  Pricing

No.       Each        Ship          Total

1         $5.95       $2.25         $8.20

2         $5.45       $2.25       $13.15

3         $4.95       $2.45       $17.30

4         $4.95       $2.65       $22.45

5         $4.95       $2.85       $27.55

6         $4.95       $3.00       $32.70
Convertibles Plus Pricing

No.      Each       Ship          Total

1       $7.95       $2.25       $10.20

2       $7.45       $2.60       $17.50

3       $6.95       $2.75       $23.60

4       $6.95       $3.10       $30.90

5       $6.95       $3.30       $38.05

6       $6.95       $3.60       $45.30
* Set up once, Never Touch Again
* Shoes Slip On and Off
* Easy to Adjust if Desired
* No Moving Parts!   Simple & Elegant

Classic Installation
Central Locking Installation
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