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You may contact Tyless via the form below or by email &
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hearing from you and welcome you comments and suggestions.
Attention Clubs,

If you are interested
in purchasing
laces in custom
colors for your group
please contact us
with details on colors
desired and
quantities for a
volume discount

Tyless is expanding it
offering of colors for
both laces and
locking buttons, if you
do not see your
desired color please
let us know.i
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Telephone:   541-731-4533
Company Profile

Located in Eugene, Oregon, we are in touch with the outdoor
life and all it's sporting opportunities.  Tyless was formed to
provide innovative fastening systems with superior
performance features as compared to existing available
products .  
Tyless shoelaces, our first offering, will form the
basis for additional applications where an easily adjustable,
flexible solution is needed to a fastening application.
Where we Started

With extensive running experience, it was noted that laces tied
perfectly at the start of a race, became tighter as the miles
accrued.  Furthermore, laces becoming untied led to lost time,
watching competitors pass, bent over rushing to re-tie.  
Removing rocks and twigs led to the same result.   
Stretch laces alleviate this condition but were not easily set or
adjusted.  In a moment of clarity, the button was chosen as an
easy to adjust solution.  In design, we believe in the old adage,
"The simpliest solution is the best solution".

Tyless offers various
packages for retail sales.  
Please contact us for
more information
wholesale pricing and
marketing tools.  We look
forward to helping you tell
your customers about
Tyless.   Since this type
of lacing system is not
widely known, you have
the opportunity to bring
added value to your sport
and work shoe offering by
delivering a unique and
improved product.

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